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Create the world around your subject, without traveling far and wide for props. Hook Props is a full-service art department, consistently delivering on time, on budget and competitively priced set and production design services and around-the-clock prop rental. With over 20,000 props, the prop house contains a vast inventory of curated furniture, backdrops, walls, mirrors, artwork, textiles including rugs and drapes, and small props like mannequins and electronics. Specializing in cutting-edge imagery designed to bolster or further enhance the allure and prestige of the world’s reigning global fashion empires, Hook Props also works closely with newly emerging clients seeking to introduce, establish or reposition their brand on the world stage. From concept to construction, our team collectively outlines, reviews, and sources every project—ensuring that each job benefits from the creative talent and hands-on resources of the entire team.

Shooting on location? No problem. Hook Props rents and delivers props and sets, along with production, grip and lighting equipment. Our set designers, prop assistants, shoppers, coordinators, production assistants, grips and electricians are also available to assist on any project, no matter the location.

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